3 songs (Eng)

3 songs. Memories and moments.

There is a light that never goes out.

Bro. Ask me, ask me… Panic in the streets of London… 1) Cassette tape 2) Double CD, the best of “the smiths”. Morrisey, the last international playboy (side B). Abbey road (side A).

Take me out tonight, because I want to see people and I want to see lights.

The boxer.

Cassette. Ladies and gentelmen! Simon and Garfunkel!. Concert in central park. Rew. How are you doing, are you cold?. English course. One song in english: “the boxer”. Do you understand what does the song say?… No… If you would maybe you would not like it!… (I still do!)

Lady in red.

Double cassette “te veo”. Three songs. Lady in red between “una mujer de bandera” (hombres G) and “my name is luca” (suzzane vega). Rew 1000 times… I’ll never forget the way you look tonight.

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