Oda a la tortilla! (eng)

And suddenly she thought… “yes, Norway, but Spain…?”… So this is going to be the first post completely in english in this blog. The main reason to this sudden change is the fact that after being living abroad for some years I kind of feel I may be able to talk a bit about those small things that are purely spanish, that makes us, the Spaniards abroad, to feel a bit closer to home when we find them. Besides, the amount of english-speaking friends I have, has increased considerably, so I have been thinking a language change might be unavoidable. But, please forgive me all for my poor english, I’ll do my best.

The food is always one of the things that brings you back home. The aroma, the taste, the appearance are always linked to certain moments of our lives and certain people and places. I have wondered many times, what is making special for me a spanish omelette (tortilla)? I have to admit that I’m able to find several reasons for being delighted by the tortilla, so probably a combination of everything together with its amazing taste gives the truly reason of its importance to me. Personally before coming to Norway I was not really keen on making tortillas, but I have practice (a lot) in this place. Why? Because in each event you are invited when you arrive to a new place you want to give a great impression to be invited again. So, from the spanish point of view, bring a piece of homemade food is a master of the good manners, and the tortilla a master piece of our national proudness. Considering that I had been living in Spain before I was not that good in making empanada, croquetas, albóndigas, etc… mum was there!… So the first and easier approach has always been the tortilla.

What is remembering me the tortilla?

* The first thing is my grandma… She was making the best tortilla in the world. It was amazing, the perfect cooking time, the perfect amount of onion and potatoes, the perfect size, the perfect way to cut the potatoes, the amazing perfection behind of each turn she was giving to it… And this reason, that by itself is enough for making the tortilla special…

* I have some crazy friends. One of them was always intending to make the healthy tortilla. Yes, the tortilla is not the healthiest food ever, an interesting amount of olive oil is used for making it, but… what if you use a pressure cooker? I know, it sounds crazy, but actually it was a pretty fast-delicious-healthy tortilla… I must confess that the original version is better, but… Her method was to cook the potatoes and the onions in the pressure cooker with a bit of oil. Afterwards the procedure was exactly the same. Good stuff and another small (but truly beautiful) memory linked to the tortilla.

* My father. He has been always “fed” by my mother, typical spanish behavior. But in the last years, he has developed the capability to cook a couple of things by himself, being the tortilla one of the specialities. Hopefully my mother will never read this, but I should say that his tortilla is better than hers (…forgive me mum!)…

* And the counting continues with each of the times somebody has made a tortilla at home, and has left a (usually big) piece of it over the kitchen table. Each time somebody passes by the kitchen is impossible to avoid to cut a small piece and eat it with that feeling of satisfaction, thinking that it is not possible that some eggs with potatoes, onion and oil can combine in such a delightful way…

* Many more small reasons could enlarge this post forever. The reality  is that what actually makes the tortilla (or anything) special is the moments it makes you remember and the people you have shared these moments with. The taste, at the end, is “secondary”.

One picture of this piece of art will come in a short future… Of course it will be a homemade (by me) piece of art.

A picture…

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7 Responses to Oda a la tortilla! (eng)

  1. Fer says:

    I also left an impression in the people I met in Norway because of my home-made tortillas hihihihi :P. Un besico Sari!

  2. sari says:

    Less wolves little red riding hood!!! 😛

  3. Fer says:

    I did not say which type of impression was… whether good or bad… 😉

  4. sari says:

    jajajajaja :D… Takk for besøket! 😉

  5. Fer says:

    Bare hyggelig ;).

  6. Mlio says:

    And we all thank you for that…!

    • sari says:

      Mariannaaaaaaa!!!! You are very welcome ;)… I really enjoy to see you eating it! ;)… Thanks for visiting!!

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