Pulp – Mecano Nr2 (Eng)

I have no idea why but recently my blog is having many visitors due to something I post at the beginning of 2010. Here it comes: https://7sari.wordpress.com/2010/02/18/pulp-vs-mecano/. Considering this entry was written in Spanish I have thought it would be interesting to translate it.

Some preliminary information…

During the 80’s many bands came out in Spain. It was an extremely creative period that started as a consequence of the end of Franco’s dictatorship. One of those bands was Mecano. I grew up with them and I have always loved their songs. They had a big success in Spain until the time they decided to split, but also abroad, mainly in France. For those who are not Spanish, Mecano were those singing the famous “hijo de la luna”…

The origin of the (old) post itself: Long time ago I was playing around in youtube and I started to listen one song of Mecano which has always been among my favorites. It’s called “the lovers”.

Checking the comments of the people, they were talking about similarities of this song with one I didn’t know, and I’m sure many of you know much better than “los amantes”:

Yes, I know what you are thinking… This Spanish band just decided to copy a super famous British hit!…

(well, yes, I thought the same… even when I have always loved Mecano…)

But it seems that “los amantes” was released 7 years earlier than “common people”, meaning that if a song is based in another this is the case for “common people” and not for “los amantes”.

At that point I could not find any information about the matter and I left it like an open question to everybody, but lately a guy commenting in the old entry wrote that Pulp admitted that they did a version of Mecano’s song. He was saying that Nacho Cano (the guy who wrote the song) and the guy playing the battery in Pulp were friends. Besides that, I have not found anything about this but only a sentence in a recent publication from The Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2012/jun/18/sounds-europe-spanish-pop?INTCMP=SRCH. So for all of you, I know you are quite some, that like Common people, remember always Mecano, because without them Common people would have never existed! :P.

By the way, I also love “Common people”, it´s a fantastic song!

Something else not related with the post… So… “Do you recognize the girl?” …

Yes people… this was the first public record of Penélope Cruz (as far as I know). I’m not sure this is something to give credit to the band but… After this first encounter Penélope Cruz and Nacho Cano started a long lasting relationship.

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8 Responses to Pulp – Mecano Nr2 (Eng)

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  2. Wayne Fleet says:

    Funnily enough I worked in radio for a number of years and in 1988 whilst presenting in London, some programme guests introduced me to the Mecano album Descanso Dominical, which included Los Amantes.
    I liked the songs and subsequently bought the album when on a trip to Barcelona.
    Fast forward about 8 years and I am working for a national broadcaster in Manchester, when a presenter colleague plays me a promo of Common People – he had supported Pulp by playing their early releases on the Gift label and helping build their profile. The melody immediately struck me as Los Amantes, so the next day I brought my Mecano LP in and said colleague played it on his national evening show, comparing the uncanny likeness.
    And guess what …….Jarvis Cocker apparently rings in and speaks to the producer in full denial of any plagiarism !!
    I just wonder why Mecano’s publisher has never sued or if there has been some settlement made to the writer(s) of Los Amantes for incorporation of their song into Common People ?

  3. Wayne Fleet says:

    if you look at Disco 2000 and Gloria by Laura Brannigan, I think you would say that Pulp had a penchant for borrowing……..

    • sari says:

      I didn’t know but you are right!…. but I’ve read around that Pulp admited it, right? It’s even in wikipedia! 🙂

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