Lost in translation… (Eng)

This entry is based in the knowledge adquired in the last 6 years. What are we missing when we are reading books in different languages that those they have been written? …when we even translate the name of the music bands? …when we watch doubled movies?


* The widely known spanish version of the musical band U2. As every english speaker knows, U2 means “you too”. Of course the meaning of the spanish version of U2 (u dos) is “U two”… Something is lost in the translation…

* The importance of being Earnest. You may know that this is one of Oscar Wilde novels. The spanish translation of the title is The importance of being called Ernest (La importancia de llamarse Ernesto). So the english meaning of the title… the importance of being serious is completely lost…

* A recent finding. The title of Bukowski’s book “ham on rye” makes us to remember “the catcher in the rye”, Salinger novel. If you have read both of them, I think you can not avoid to smile if you compare the books. The spanish version of Salinger book is its direct translation (el guardián entre el centeno), whereas Bukowski’s book is translated to something like “the loser’s way” (la senda del perdedor). Thought it is not clear the intention of Bukowski to refer “the catcher in the rye” the debate is all around. Personally, I want to believe is true, I don’t know, I find it magical. I love both books and I feel like Holden Caulfield is the (extremely) naiv version of Henry Chinaski…

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