Take this waltz (Eng)

… so … this is a potpourri of thoughts…

1) A few weeks ago I spent a Sunday evening walking around Vienna. I had 5 hours to explore the city. Vienna was beautiful, extremely beautiful even in a grey day during November. It felt like a very peaceful place, full of music. While walking around a melody was coming all the time to my mind: “Now in Vienna there’s ten pretty women… ai ai ai ai … take this waltz, take this waltz…”


2) I have just learnt that the song “take this waltz” from Leonard Cohen is actually a version of a poem of Federico García Lorca: “pequeño vals vienés”. Following, the adaptation by Enrique Morente.

3) There is a new movie released in the last months called “Take this waltz”. Michelle Williams is the main actress, so considering she was there and such a beautiful title I decided to watch it. Don’t do it, I was unable to finish it… crap…

4) The fourth and last is actually the real reason for this post. Vienna and me alone walking around and thinking about whatever… We all have some special movies that we watch once and once again and each time we discover something new, something that makes us to like the movie even more. Vienna made me remember one of those movies, I have watched it so many times that I can not recall a number. The movie was a beautiful story about two strangers meeting in a train with only one day to spend together. Where? Of course in Vienna… The story was simple, a couple in its 40′s were starting a fight in German in the middle of a train going to Vienna. In the same wagon there were a french girl and an american guy that were staring at each other wondering about leaving the wagon, staying or what to do… Of course the guy stands and goes to sit beside the girl and starts a conversation asking about what the couple were discussing about…

I was there, walking in the beautiful Vienna and thinking about the possibility of becoming Celine (the french girl) and finding Jesse (the american guy) maybe in my flight from Greece, or maybe in the train from the airport to downtown. I could have met this awesome guy with whom I would have started a stupid conversation about middle-age-couples. We would possibly have four hours to spend together, those four hours which would lead us the the most incredible love story never thought. We could have guided each other in the unknown and extremely beautiful streets of Vienna. The music of the city would have been the soundtrack of our particular movie. The nicest score would have been written just for us, to support the most beautiful story of our lives. Then in a charming Konditorei in the surroundings of the cathedral we would realize we did not have enough money for buying an apple strudel to celebrate the fact of having met each other (it is 5 o’clock in the evening, wine does not proceed…). We would beg to the attendant for a small piece of the delicatessen promising to send the detailed amount by bank transfer as soon as we would find an available computer with internet access. We would kiss softly in front of the cathedral while slowly dancing “take this waltz” and finally we would walk around one of the cemeteries of the town where we would keep enjoying our fresh love with expiring date. But there was no cemetery, no dancing, no love, no waltz, no kind-off depress american guy, no apple strudel, no wine, no non-sense conversation with a stranger in a train, no couple fighting or anything similar to that.

So… What’s the name of the movie?

Don’t use google!

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2 Responses to Take this waltz (Eng)

  1. mlio says:

    ‘I wanna keep talking to you…’, before sunrise 😉

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