Norsk kino 1 (Eng)

It was necessary to spend six years in this country to decide that maybe it was about time to watch a few norwegian movies… I’m hopeless, I know…

Part 1 (so-called “motivation”)… The long lasting (& unsuccessful) process of learning norwegian… Watching movies helps for english… so…

Part 2 (so-called “selection”)… After six years in Norway I have no clue about which one is the best norwegian movie to start with… and I’m supposed to like cinema… However, when one doesn’t know something and is not surrounded by friends that can share their own knowledge, internet is the best tool. Google… “tidens beste norske filmer”… and the answer is…

The selection process continues with those movies that are actually rather recent, from the 90’s… and employing to check the punctuation others have given to them.

Part 3 (so-called “candidates”)…

* Budbringeren 1997

* Deusynlige 2008

* Factotum 2005 (and you will say but Factotum is not på norsk… I know… but it’s a norwegian movie with Matt Dillon about a book from Bukowski… norsk spiller ingen rolle…)

* Insomnia 1997

* Kongen av Bastoy 2010

* Mannen som elsket Yngve 2008

* Max Manus 2008

* Naboer 2005

* Nokas 2010

* Oslo 31. August 2011

* Reprise 2006

* Svidd neger 2003

* Trolljegeren 2010

* Den brysomme mannen 2006

* Heftig og begeistret 2001

* Into the white 2012

* Elling 2001

* Få meg på, for faen, 2011

* Vinterkyss 2005

Part 4 (so-called “tasting”)

1) Elling… A beautiful piece… Elling is a middle age guy who has been living in an institution during the last 2 years. The movie starts when he and his room mate, Kjell Bjarne are released to try to adapt themselves to the real life. They are going to share an apartment in Olso and try to live a normal life. The movie is sweet, funny, tender. Those kind of small pieces that leave you a full smile in the mouth… anbefales!!

From Elling: “Så forskjellige vi mennesker er. Her har folk gått alene på ski til Sydpolen, mens jeg må ta meg kraftig sammen for å krysse et restaurantgulv.” (How different people we are. Some people go skiing alone to go to the South Pole while I have to get all my courage to cross a restaurant floor).

2) Få meg på, for faen. I’m not going to say it is the best movie I have ever seen but it is an interesting movie. It’s about a teenager whose hormones do not let her to live. It’s of course far away from the american perspective for the teen-obsessed-with-sex kind of movies we are used to. And it’s exactly this what makes this movie interesting. Besides it has some funny moments, the opening of the movie is just great and the landscapes from the norwegian countryside are awesome. However, Elling is a better movie for the norsklæring purpouse… the dialect in this one was quite strong whereas Elling was speaking the beautiful Bokmål so appreciated by us (foreigners_trying_hard_to_learn_the_fucking_norwegian)

…more to come…

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3 Responses to Norsk kino 1 (Eng)

  1. Mlio says:

    Waiting to read about ‘Den brysomme mannen’. It’s thought-provoking. Keep on…

  2. mlio says:

    Indeed. Especially because I want to see your comment on it!

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