ach so, Tyskland…

Sometimes work brings you fantastic oportunites to travel. Thought I’ve never been very lucky in my “work destinations”, I have visited some nice places in Europe, being Munich the last example. Unfortunately the freedom of the university is gone and now the trips are also more scarce, but but…

In Munich I understood something about myself: I would love to live in a city like that. Plenty of things to do, many different places to go, plenty of different environments and everything condensated in a kind of small city where it is easy to walk around but also very well comunicated. I liked it… However it made me think that it was just another european city, with all the similarities one can find among them. And it seems that the grown up version of myself is more interested in small villages (when talking about turistic destinations). A couple of examples to explain this theory: Cudillero, Combarro, Cíes… I prefer to get lost there and get amazed by their beauty. Why? Because they are distinct, they have a something that one can not really find anywhere else. Many of the places in Munich made me think about Madrid or other cities I have visited. I have realized I’m not very happy about globalization. The identity of the places gets lost very easily. Finding plenty of Zara, Mango, Ecco, Benetton etc… it makes me happy and sad? Happy because it is “useful” for me, sad because buying in those places is not unique anymore, the national sense of the brand is lost.

A few days ago I watched this video:

This video prepared me for what it happened in Munich. Strangers were talking to me without any specific reason:

* At first I arrived to the airport and a (bit weird) guy told me he had a ticket for the train I could use… I don’t know if that was true or if it was a scam. Of course I ignored him and I rudely said “I don’t speak german” with an implicit, leave me alone m… f… The why is he talking to me? came also to my mind, like the case of the guy in the video… And I felt coming to my memory the sentence he said: “Sorry, I live in a country where people do not talk to each other”.

* Secondly, one day I was a bit lost in a neighbouring area to Marienplatz. I was checking carefully my map to be able to understand where I was exactly. While checking I could observe a girl who was staring at me. It was day, in the middle of hundreds of people, so completely safe, and I guess I smile or sthg and she came to talk to me. And she ended up being a very nice girl (why shouldn’t she?). She was there also alone and I guess she was braver than me to try to meet somebody and avoid going for dinner by herself. And basically that was what happened, we went for dinner, and I had a very nice time talking with a stranger. I don’t think I would have ever done what she did, but it made me think that I actually should. The world is full of interesting people to meet, you can not be waiting for them to knock in your door.

* Thirdly. It seems that in Munich the train station is the top place for the people to socialize. Of course, in an environment full of people running here and there, and being the train station, my spanish me together with my norwegian me does not feel confortable. If somebody approaches me I just can think, shit they want to steal me, they want to ask me for money, etc etc… So when a guy in the tickets machine started to talk to me I was a bit unsure about his intentions. And of course it was completely harmless… He had bought a ticket for two and wanted to share it with somebody. I denied basically because I needed the receipt… So I left him with my fresh ticket and of course I took the wrong direction… What did he do? He came to me and he just explain me everything about where to take the train to the airport, etc etc… I must admit that people in Munich were just delightful…

Concluding, it is very interesting how travelling makes you think and actually grow. Maybe it was because I was alone and I could use my time just analizing the happenings around me  but still, I just can say that going to different places, experience other cultures, etc, is one of the things that actually makes you a much more interesting human being…

P.S. I know… I have to leave the borders of Europe and experience other realities!

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