loving blockbusters

… porque no todos los días se puede leer (o ver) el puto acorazado Potemkin… (my brother, dixit)

I know… independent cinema rocks, I know…

I know… european movies are awesome, I know…

I know… latinamerican movies are fantastic, I know…

I know… asian movies are… …. …, ok… asian movies are … asian movies, and you know that…

I confess here that I’m love with many blockbusters. What can I say? They are easy to digest, they are funny, they are painless, and they don’t make me think, something truly appreciated from time to time…

I admit that when I think about a blockbuster, superheros and comics are the first thing that comes to my mind. Maybe it is related to the fact that typically the industry does not stop with one of those movie. At the end they usually manage to ruin completely what was a probably fantastic in the beginning. They basically kill the viewer of boredom. Examples of me getting tired of some of those:

* Pirates of the Caribbean: Johnny Depp, I love you, but two were already enough.

* Matrix: probably one and a half was enough.

* Saw: what is wrong with a high proportion of human beings who get delighted by seeing non-sense violence?… Saw 1 and 2 were already more than enough for me. I’m still wondering why in the earth did I watch two of them!

* Superman: why do we need to rescue somehing that has been done and redone? Please, leave the past in the past. Christopher Reeve is dead since a few years back, Superman cannot come back without him!…

But then, there are some examples of stuff I cannot get tired of:

* Terminator… I admit that I still believe that Sarah Connor & Kyle Reese love story is one of the most charming I have ever found on TV. What can I say? How can they possibly make funny movies, action movies, love stories and everything in a metallic package? And to improve something that was almost perfect they manage to convince Christian Bale to be John Connor!… Was that real life?… I admit it… Terminator 3 was not very good… but… like life, blockbusters are not perfect.

* Star wars… I believe that if you have not watched Star wars when you were little you did not have a childhood, I don’t care if you were born in the 90’s… it is still a must… and please… when we talk about star wars, lets focus on the real stuff with Mark Hammill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Alec Guiness. Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman, you are great actors, awesome actors, but you are not star wars for me… But yes… I admit it, except for the Episode 1,  I enjoyed the new movies. And a few months back, when I read Disney had bought the rights to continue with star wars, I felt like somebody had poured a bucket full of icy water over me. I wanted to kill George Lucas for allowing this…

* Indiana Jones… Surprise! After Terminator and Star wars, what else?… yes, people, I’m from the 80’s, so what?… I have not watch the last and decrepit Indiana Jones with Harrison Ford. And you will say, why do you say it is decrepit if you have not watched it? I don’t need to through myself into a well to know that down there is dark and wet…

* X-men. Awesome blockbuster, among the best in the last years. I’m not very fan of Wolverine, but once again, nothing is perfect in life. I was delighted with the last one I watched from the saga X-men, first class, so yes folks, I’m very much looking forward to watch X-men: days of future past.

A few examples of comme si comme ca:

* Lord of the rings. The stuff is cool, but once you have read the book nothing can be better than that.

* Harry Potter. I’ve watched one movie, not interested in watching more… What is happening with Harry Potter? Is Harry Potter the food for the new generations to come? Will they talk about it like we do with star wars?

* Batman. Batman can be so awesome as so awful. Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan brought some light to this collection of movies, TV-shows, cartoons… after George Clooney almost managed to kill completely the serial of movies.

However the definition of blockbuster becomes a bit blurry for me after reading this list. So yes, I obviously know that Forrest Gump is not an independent movie, but … And even more surprisingly we find the fantastic Bridge on the river Kwai. Who is the the foolish saying that doesn’t like blockbusters? Serioust! Going down the list comes The Godfather and One flee over the Cuckoo’s nest making me to lose completely any prejudgment against blockbusters, long life to them if one is producing movies like Ben-hur or Gone with the wind!

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