Full serai tuna more

When I was a little girl, I developed a truly affection for Simon and Garfunkel’s music. I had a recorded tape with their concert in the Central Park and during a period it was the only music I was listening.

Such was my obsession that I tried to understand the lyrics of the songs I Iiked the most. My fauvorite has always been “the boxer”. Followed by the typical greatest hits of the duo, “The sound of silence”, “Mrs Robinson” or “The bridge over troubled water”.

Today  I found myself listening once again “The boxer” and remembering those times when I was wondering, what the fuck these guys were saying. So I continued the process and I moved on to the next song, “the sound of silence”. I haven’t paid much attention to “the sound of silence” ever since, so I can remember when I was trying to understand the lyrics and writing them in a notebook. In the old times I didn’t have internet at home or any way to check what the real song was about. I would love to find now this notebook with my own lyrics of “The sound of silence”, for sure it would be hilarious…

What I do remember is to sing: full serai tuna more…. (“Fools,” said I, “You do not know”). It was probably my tribute to El Principe Gitano without even realizing.

Reading now the lyrics and not fully understanding the song when I listen it, I can notice how optimistic I was in my teen years to pretend to reproduce Simon and Garfunkel’s lyrics.

I should have sticked to the “Padre nuestro tú que estás…”

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1 Response to Full serai tuna more

  1. delisr says:

    I’m obssesed with the song “sound of silence.”

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